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Personalized Cups For Kids Cricut Tumbler Idea

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Personalized cups for kids make the perfect gift idea that the kids love! These adorable Cricut cups were very easy to make, so easy that even a beginner can make them.

Learning how to put vinyl on a cup doesn’t limit you to acrylic tumblers like these ones. This permanent vinyl craft can be used on tumblers, cups and even wine glasses.

Clear Cricut cups with pink names, with a weeding tool and scraper in front

1 of my favorite things to do with my cutting machine is make things for gifts. These tomblers I made with my cricut were given as party favors for my daughters 10th birthday party.

But there is nothing stopping you from giving them as Christmas gifts. That’s actually the case with most Cricut Projects.

And as a parent, these vinyl tumblers are a way better favor than candies and the rest of those sweets. I love to give crafts and other DIY gifts to people. I hate things like flowers or other things you’ll end up throwing out.

Clear Cricut cups front view with pink names, with a weeding tool and scraper in front

Plus, I don’t know if you noticed, but some of the names on these personalized kids cups I made are kind of unique names and spellings. T

These tumblers with my Cricut are even more special for kids that can never find anything with their name on it.

And, when they see their name on a cup–they get excited, making the gift extra special.

What Kind Of Vinyl Is Used For Cups?

The the best type of vinyl you can use for cups is a permanent vinyl. With this vinyl type, the adhesive is made to last. Of corse still no dishwasher. I have seen, and also used in the past, heat transfer vinyl being used.

But in my opinion it’s not the best for the job.

personalized cups for kids made with cricut  view ff to the sde with pink name that says zariyon, with a weeding tool and scraper in front

I definitely plan to make a few kids’ days with these fun personalized cups for kids. And maybe their whole month.

And, the best part is how easy it was to apply the vinyl. I don’t think anyone would have had the patience or skill to cut this all out by hand to get the lettering on the cups.

personalized cups for kids made with cricut  top middle view with pink names, with a weeding tool and scraper in front

What do I need to make easy Cricut Cups?

For this project here is what you need:

Cricut cup idea top middle view with pink names, with a weeding tool and scraper in front

What’s The Font You Used?

This is a question I get alot when Ido a project, what font is that? So I am trying to get into the habbit of just adding it. The font I used for the names on these Cricut cups is called Likewise.

likewise chunkey handwritten font

Grab the font I used here so you can make your own designs with the same look.

How does Cricut Vinyl stay on mugs?

That is going to depend on which type you decide to use. All vinyl has an adhesive backing. Permanent vinyl has a strong back that withs water and light ware.

The other type is removable vinyl. This vinyl is designed to be repositionable, and can also be removed.

There is 1 tip that I do not want to forget to tell you. When you make tumblers with permanent vinyl you always need to make super that you hand wash them only.

With all of that said, now that there is a such thing as a Cricut mug press, you can make mugs using only infusible ink.

The dishwasher will remove the vinyl off the cup, and that would be devastating to the receiver.

If you are like me and always looking for more Cricut Ideas, Or even just more Cricut vinyl Ideas, you will want to check out those links.

how to make personalized cups for kids with vinyl
Yield: 1 Personalized Cups For Kids

How To Put Vinyl On A Cup Cricut Tumbler Idea

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

This Cricut Tumbler idea makes an amazing personalized gift. And the best part is that once you learn how to put vinyl on a cup you can pretty effortlessly put vinyl on most curved serfaces.



  1. Gather all of your supplies.
  2. Apply the alcohol to your paper towel or cotton clean the area.
  3. Measure the area you want to add the Cricut vinyl to on the cup.
  4. Create the design in design space using Cricut access, images, or plain text.
  5. Cut the permanent adhesive vinyl using the setting for this vinyl type.
  6. Remove from the mat and weed out the voided areas.
  7. Cut a piece of transfer paper just large enough to cover your design
  8. Place the transfer sheet over your design.
  9. Use your scraper to remove the air between the design and the transfer paper making sure to scrape both the front and back of the design.
  10. Remove the paper backing by gently peeling it away
  11. Place the design onto your cup, I like to secure the middle then 1 side at a time.
  12. Again use the scraper to transfer the vinyl from the transfer sheet onto the cup.
  13. These cups will be hand wash only.

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