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Disney Princess Moana Paper Doll Craft

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Princess Moana is one of the most recent and well-liked Disney Princesses. You can make your very own paper doll from your home to add to your collection!

There are so many different paper doll crafts and Moana just happens to be my favorite Disney Princess. Her strength and courage is definitely something to take note on.

How To Make Princess Moana

moana paper doll

Princess Moana is very easy and fun to make for children of all ages and genders. Disney is at the centers of everyone’s heart!

You will not need very many supplies to finish this fun papercraft. In addition to some common household items, you will need colorful crafting paper that can be bought at your local craft store.

Do not be scared to get creative! You can mix and match colors and make your paper Princess Moana unique in your own way. There are no rules when it comes to creativity.

princess moana out of paper

It is important to follow directions but it is also important to know when you can take a few liberties as well. You definitely want her head on top of her body but the color of her dress can be up to you!

You can take some time, sit outside, and craft your Princess Moana with your family and friends in the warm weather. There is no better way to relax than with a fun and easy craft.

You can also hang it in your room to put your work and creativity on display for all of your visitors to see. They will be amazed by how great it looks!

paper craft princess

Why pass up a chance to make such a simple and quick craft? You will be left with your very own Princess Moana doll that you can do anything with!

If you do this craft, you should also check out the Princess Belle and the Princess Ariel papercrafts to work on building your collection!

princess moana out of paper
Yield: 1

Disney Princess Moana Paper Doll Craft

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

There are so many different paper doll crafts and Moana just happens to be my favorite Disney Princess. Her strength and courage is definitely something to take note on.



  • Scissors


  1. Select colored craft papers as per the colors of the skin tone of Moana. Trace the skirt patterns on cream or white paper, the other dress patterns on different shades of red and orange colored craft papers. Trace the body base and legs on light brown colored paper and the hair on dark brown
    colored paper. Cut out the traced patterns.
  2. Cut a slit along the marked lines on the hair pattern.
  3. Slide the top end of the head part through the slit from the bottom side of the hair. Apply glue to fix the head and the hair together.
  4. Attach the short skirt pattern on the top of the long skirt pattern and then attach the L shaped cutout along the top side of the skirt. Attach the small strips and circle cutouts on the square (the top) paper.
  5. Take the square pattern (the top) and attach it on the body part of the body base cutout for Moana paper doll.

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