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Vinyl Decals are a great product to make. It is actually fairly easy to make Cricut vinyl decals. And now that design space has the offset tool it’s really easy to make layered custom vinyl decals.

The best part is that you can do this with the Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Explore Air 3, or even the Cricut Joy or other Cricut machine.

flat lay of layered vinyl decal on colored water bottles

How To Make Vinyl Decals With Cricut?

  • Type out the name, upload an SVG file or pick an image. If you are using vinyl don’t pick an image that is too complex.
  • Resize the image or text to fit your needs.
  • And cut out the image, it’s that simple!

Just like with most things Cricut products have a way to make you look like a pro. And making these custom decals is no different. I love the way my decals came out using the Kassa Holographic vinyl and these colorful cups! Offset in Cricut design space just gave my decals a little more pop.

I dont use a vinyl decal size chart when makin decals, I actually just measure the material with a sewing tape measure and size my design that way.

When I get into cricut design space, I choose my font, and then resize horozontally and also virtaclly if necessarry.

With Cricut Design space offset tool, its so easy to make things like car decals, stickers for water bottle and so many more high quality decals that look like they are professionally made.

You can make a decal out of anything. These decals are made from names and an offset layer.

Navy blue water bottle with text adrianna

How To Make A Multi-Color Vinyl Decal With Cricut?

Getting the offset to work sounds way harder then it is. For a vinyl decal with mutapal colors tou can also make multiple offsets in your layers panel.

To make a multi color vinyl decal follow the instructions above and then add the instructions below.

  • Click offset in the top panel.
  • Resize the offset to fit your needs.
  • Click apply.
  • Resize iif needed and cut the design.
  • Using a piece of transfer tape the same size as your design carefully place the tape over the design, and scrape with your scraper to make sure there are no gaps.
  • Pull off the paper backing and apply to the material it is being placed on.
orange water bottle laying flat with a multi colored layered vinyl decal that says arie

What Do I Need To Make My Own Vinyl Decals?

This answer is simple, you will need vinyl or some sort of print then cut sticker paper. For the project you see here I used permanent vinyl. I wanted the vinyl to stay even after washing. You would use a removable vinyl if you want to later be able to remove the design.

My rule for choosing vinyl for decals is if it is going to be on something that is exposed to outside then I use permanent vinyl.

In conclusion vinyl decals are fairly easy to make. And are also a great product to add to an Etsy or Shopify shop.

pink and orange water bottles with names on them in layered vinyl

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water bottles with vinyl name decals
Yield: 1 decal

How To Make Vinyl Decals Using Cricut Offset Tool

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Vinyl Decals are a great product to make and sell. And it is actually easy to make Cricut vinyl decals. And now that design space has the offset tool its really easy to make layered custom vinyl decals.


  1. Type your text in Cricut Design Space.
  2. Choose the font you want to use.
  3. Now click offset at the top of Design Space.
  4. Resize the offset, you can see an outline of how it will look.
  5. Click apply when you are happy with the look.
  6. You can change the color of your offset now if you want to.
  7. Resize the image to fit your needs and click make it.
  8. On the next screen you can just click continue. Decals don't need to be mirrored.
  9. Choose your material, I chose the premium vinyl setting.
  10. Cut out the design.
  11. Weed the design.
  12. Cut a piece of transfer paper just a touch bigger then your design.
  13. Place it over your design the first, or top layer of the design.
  14. Using your scraper, scrape ofver the whole area, front and back.
  15. Remove the paper backing and repeat for multipal colors.
  16. Place the design on the cup.

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