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So, you’ve got some Cricut faux leather and are now looking for a project. Well, great news, because I am showing you how to make a passport cover with Cricut faux leather! 

Whether you love to travel throughout the year or want a cute accessory for your next trip, you’ll love this passport cover. 

Likewise, you can rest easy knowing all your essential travel documents are stored safely in one place. 

DIY travel passport cover and luggage tag made with Cricut faux leather in tan and pink on a white table.

Check out my video tutorial here if you’d rather watch it than read the instructions! 

In this blog post, we’ll uncover the fantastic benefits of crafting with Cricut faux leather material and the tools and materials you’ll need for this project.

I am also sharing free SVG and printable instructions so you can do this project when you have time! 

What Is Cricut Faux Leather?

As crafters, we can all agree it’s fun working with different materials. And as much as we’d love to work with real leather, it’s usually quite expensive and requires a deep point blade for your Cricut machine. 

On the other hand, Cricut faux leather is the perfect in-between option! 

Not only is it much more affordable, but you can also work with the material on any Cricut machine and won’t need a special blade. 

Cricut has also done a great job of making their faux leather look realistic. Additionally, you can get it in different colors, perfect for whatever DIY crafts you’re doing. 

DIY passport cover and luggage tag on a white table with pink and gold lettering.

Supplies Needed For Your Passport Cover

Here are the supplies you’ll need for this easy project! 

  • Paper Thin Leather or Faux Leather Sheet (I used the Cricut brand for this project.) 
  • Fabric Grip Mat 
  • Awl 
  • Scissors
  • Large Seam Ripper
  • Leather Needle 
  • Leather Thread
  • Clear Vinyl (nonadhesive)
  • Weeding Tool 
  • Elastic Hair Ties

When you’re shopping for your materials, it’s important to note that different types of faux leather are available. Pick one that will work with your cutting machine accordingly and is the right color for your project. 

Tools Needed To Make Your Passport Cover

In addition to those materials, you’ll also need the following tools.

  • Cricut Machine – I used the Cricut Maker, but the Cricut Explore. 
  • Computer or other device to use Cricut Design Space
  • Knife Blade – either the deep cut blade or fine point blade. (The blade you need will depend on the thickness of your faux leather.)
  • Weeding tool.
  • Mini heat press machine – like the Cricut EasyPress mini. 
Personalized passport cover and luggage tag.

How To Make Your Cricut Faux Leather Passport Cover

Once you have all your supplies and tools ready, it’s time to create your passport cover. Here’s a quick rundown. 

  1. Design: Looking for free SVGs to use with this project? I’ve got you covered with one in my free resource library, which you can access below.
  2. Assembly: I’ve included printable instructions below on how to make your Cricut Faux leather passport. 
  3. Finishing Touches: After that, you can personalize your passport cover by adding initials, travel-themed designs, or anything else you fancy!

Then, it’s just a matter of adding your passport, photo ID, and anything else you’d like to keep handy while traveling. 

Travel passport cover mockup on a white table with a coffee.

Grab the free SVG!

Go to file #111 in the free resource library.

Where can I send the resource library files?

    Can You Use Foil Iron-On or Iron-On Vinyl With Cricut’s Faux Leather?

    Yes, all of these versatile materials work very well together. 

    Although, you can get more clarity about how different materials work together on Cricut’s website. The company is very good about including these details directly on their website. 

    Which Cricut Machines Work With Faux Leather?

    If you’re using Cricut’s paper-thin faux leather, you’ll be pleased to know it can work with any of their machines, including the Cricut Joy. 

    However, if you’re using Cricut genuine leather, you can only use the Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, and Cricut Venture machines. These bigger machines can easily handle different types of leather. 

    Travel the world faux leather passport cover and custom luggage tag.

    Other Faux Leather Projects You Might Like

    ​Lucky for us leather crafting enthusiasts, there is no shortage of projects you can make with your Cricut machine. 

    That’s why I’ve found some other unquestionably fun projects you might like to try!

    ​Additionally, here are some other Cricut tutorials you might like. 

    DIY passport cover and luggage tag on a white table with pink and gold lettering.
    Yield: 1

    How To Make A Cricut Faux Leather Passport Cover

    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Active Time: 45 minutes
    Total Time: 55 minutes
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Estimated Cost: $15

    Learn how to make a Cricut faux leather passport. Also includes a free SVG and printable instructions. 


    • Leather or Faux Leather 
    • Fabric Grip Mat  
    • Awl 
    • Scissors
    • Large Seam Ripper
    • Leather Needle 
    • Leather Thread
    • Clear Vinyl (non adhesive)
    • Weeding Tool 
    • Elastic Hair Ties


    • Cricut Machine
    • Mini Heat Press


    1. Decide if you want to glue or sew.
    2. Upload the Passport SVG file.
    3. Change the colors to match what you're cutting.
    4. Make sure lines stay where they are.
    5. Click on each piece that has a scoreline.
    6. Change the line type to Score.
    7. Select and attach each scoreline to its piece.
    8. Click Make It.
    9. Place leather on the mat.
    10. Load the mat into the Cricut machine.
    11. Press the Cricut button.
    12. Remove the cut pieces carefully.
    13. Weed the excess material.
    14. Cut the vinyl.
    15. Place the cut vinyl on the mat.
    16. Load the mat and press the Cricut button.
    17. Take off the vinyl carefully.
    18. Depending on the method you chose, sew or glue together and press on the vinyl lettering.

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