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Easy Cricut Doormat Stencil With Flex Seal + Free SVG File

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Whip up a custom doormat with the Cricut or Silhouette Stencils! Custom Cricut doormats are kind of my jam right now.

You can write absolutely anything you want on a doormat for a fun message to greet guests. If you are curious about how to make a DIY doormat, this tutorial will guide you through the process. 

Custom Doormat Using Cricut or Silhouette Stencils

Check out my custom doormat DIY. This is a fantastic way to dress up your front door and greet your guests with personality. #doormat #cricut #silhoutte #stencils #coirmat #homemade #howto #tutorial #guide #funny #humor

I am a Cricut girl through and through, but you can easily adapt this craft using Silhouette stencils as well. So whichever machine you use, this craft tutorial works. 

Custom Doormat

I am all about fun sayings, and this Cricut doormat idea won me over. Welcome, beware of the husband, kids are also shady, wife is cool tho. Ha! How funny is that? If you don’t like this saying, opt for a different say.

You can easily create anything you want, and I will show you the process of how to seal the design so you can greet guests in style. 

What Type of Doormat Do You Buy

I buy the Coir Doormat style. It is a plain colored doormat that is fantastic for adding your own design to it. If you find another type of doormat that is a solid color you can always try that as well. 

Check out my custom doormat DIY. This is a fantastic way to dress up your front door and greet your guests with personality. #doormat #cricut #silhoutte #stencils #coirmat #homemade #howto #tutorial #guide #funny #humor

What Is Are Coir Mats

Coir Cricut doormats are made with a coco fiber that is extracted from the husks of coconut. This is an earth-friendly doormat. They are also naturally waterproof. 

Do I Need To Seal My Mat For Lasting Design 

Many crafters swear by Flex Seal Paint. They just apply a coat to the mat and it will help prevent the fading of the design on the mat. While I love a DIY custom Cricut doormat, they do fade after around six months.

So, if you are wanting to try and let the mat last longer, I always suggest applying a sealer to help secure your design and vibrancy. You can also use a sealer spray that is clear, which you can buy in the spray paint section. 

Check out my custom doormat DIY. This is a fantastic way to dress up your front door and greet your guests with personality. #doormat #cricut #silhoutte #stencils #coirmat #homemade #howto #tutorial #guide #funny #humor

Bold Fonts For Custom Cricut Doormats 

I always recommend using a bolder font when working with custom Cricut doormats. They transfer the best and will really help showcase the letters.

As you can see I used two types of fonts on this mat here. Both are thicker styles and I love the mix of prints. If you change up your font style, just make sure to reach for a thicker font. Thinner fonts will not transfer as well or cover as well on the mat.

Check out my custom doormat DIY. This is a fantastic way to dress up your front door and greet your guests with personality. #doormat #cricut #silhoutte #stencils #coirmat #homemade #howto #tutorial #guide #funny #humor

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Save yourself money and work on creating your one-of-a-kind Cricut doormat today.

This craft is great for beginners. It offers simple steps that are not too hard to follow. Give this custom mat a try today and see how you like it.

How To Make A Custom Doormat
Yield: 1

How To Make A Custom Doormat

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $15

Check out my custom doormat DIY. This is a fantastic way to dress up your front door and greet your guests with personality.



  1. Create a design, download the one above or grab one from my shop or Cricut access
  2. Cut a stencil with your Cricut machine.
  3. Weed and apply transfer Tape to your stencil (I use some that I have used over and over so most of the sticky is gone)
  4. Apply the vinyl onto the mat
  5. Carefully pull off the transfer paper leaving your custom stencil behind onto the mat
  6. Use the masking tape to tape down the design to the diy doormat
  7. Using the tape cover the whole mat so that you only get Flex seal where you want it
  8. Hold the flex seal nozzle directly above the mat, making sure to stay above and spray over your words until they are fully covered
  9. Remove the vinyl stencil as soon as you are done spraying and allow to dry for at least 24 hours

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Can you heat-press a doormat?

Press your design at 305˚ – heat transfer vinyl will stick to the doormat and give you nice clean, crisp lines. It also comes off very easily. Tape the edges of your stencil and cover the area where you are working to avoid overspray.

What kind of paint do you use on a doormat?

It’s best to use outdoor acrylic paint so that the design lasts longer in the elements. Put your paint onto a disposable plate and prepare your sponge brushes and paint! Remember that a little bit goes a long way when it comes to these paints.


Tuesday 17th of May 2022

What kind of a sealer is best to make the design last longer after using the flex seal to make the design?

Jamela P

Wednesday 1st of June 2022

I don't use a sealer on mine.


Saturday 1st of May 2021

I subscribed but I don't see a download button

Jamela P

Tuesday 4th of May 2021

I apologize and this has been fixed.

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