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These charming DIY decorative craft magnets are an enjoyable and easy project for the whole family.

You can personalize these round magnets in so many different ways.

Create them so they are funky, glam, or elegant depending on your style! They make lovely gifts and are perfect for decorating lockers for back to school. 

The hardest part about making these cute magnets is trying to decide which design you want to go with. The rest is easy peasy! Kids, teens, and adults will all enjoy making a set or two of these DIY craft magnets. 

Craft Magnets

If you ask virtually any adult, they will tell you that they grew up playing with magnets on their refrigerators.

Why? Because they are a blast to play with. There is a lot you can learn, and it’s way more entertaining than playing on your phone all day.

These craft magnets are even better because you can make them yourself! You can create an impressive number of magnets with very little actual hands-on time.

The part that takes the longest is making sure the glue has dried properly. Once they are dry, these little magnets can be used in all sorts of ways. 

Can Kids Make These DIY Craft Magnets?

Yes, of course, kids can make these easy craft magnets.

They should be old enough to cut small squares and circles.

You will want an adult to oversee the project, so they don’t accidentally glue their fingers together or something. 

I give you an easy-to-follow guide along with a printable template.

It has step-by-step instructions and photos so older kids can make them with very little supervision too. 

Should I Use A Certain Type Of Paper For Making Magnets?

I used a thicker card stock paper that was decorated.

Using thick paper is easier to work with and allows the glue to stick properly to the paper.

Opt for something that is bright, vibrant, and fun if you want the name to really pop. 

What Are These Craft Magnets Good For?

That is what I love about these DIY circle magnets; they have many uses.

Naturally, they are great for showing art projects and essential reminders, but here are a few other reasons to make these cute magnets:

  • Birthday Gifts – Make a personalized set as a birthday gift, and the person who receives them is going to be ecstatic when they see them.
  • Teacher Gifts – Start the school year off right or hand them out as Christmas gifts to your kid’s teachers. Have the kids help make them, so they are extra special. 
  • Co-Workers – If you are having a holiday party, or some other type of gift exchange, these craft magnets would be perfect! They aren’t expensive to make, but yet they are super thoughtful. 
  • Housewarming Gift – Finding the right housewarming gift can be stressful sometimes. Get rid of the stress by making up a few sets of these magnets to hand out. You could spell out the word “HOME” on them or anything else you think they might enjoy. 
  • New Neighbor Gifts – Has a new family moved into your neighborhood? Why not welcome them with some magnets? This is something different than baking cookies. 
  • Hostess Gifts – Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower or anything else you can’t go wrong with a custom set of magnets. 

Do I Have To Add Names To The DIY Craft Magnets?

No, if you don’t want to include names, simply skip that step.

These decorative magnets look fantastic with or without a name on them.

Just pick colors and designs that stand out when choosing the paper. Go wild and crazy-making a variety of magnets. 

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Decorative Craft Magnets
Yield: 20

Decorative Craft Magnets

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $15

These amazing DIY decorative craft magnets are so much fun to make! Give the cute magnets as gifts or keep them for yourself. They are EASY & adorable.



  1. Rough-cut pieces of colored cardstock in 2-inch squares for the background of your magnet.
  2. Customize and print name template; cut out names, trimming off excess on right and left sides if you have a short name.
  3. Use a glue stick on the backside of your printed name and glue it down in the center of one of your pre-cut cardstock squares.
  4. Apply Glass Bond on the flat side of a cabochon bead; cover the whole back with a thin layer - don’t blob it on but make sure you have enough to fill nooks and crannies of the bead.
  5. If it’s too thin, you’ll leave air bubbles; put a glass cabochon bead on the cardstock/name piece and press down.
  6. Let air dry for at least 12 hours! (If you’re in a hurry, you can always hot glue the cabochon to the cardstock, but it doesn’t bond as well and will peel right off if you pick at it!)
  7. Once dry, take scissors and snip the paper outside of the bead, little by little, trimming as close to the edge of the bead as possible to remove excess cardstock.
  8. Hot glue the magnet to the backside of the bead; let cool completely. Enjoy! 

Where should I get the magnets for the craft.

I recommend that you get you magnets form Amazon. In the directions, under materials, I have linked which magnets that I suggest you get.

How many magnet crafts can I make with these materials and instructions.

You will be able to make a set of 20 magnets with the materials needed for this craft.

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