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Learn how to make a Cricut Wood Pumpkin craft step-by-step in this blog post.

Wooden pumpkins make really cute decor for your home during the Fall. You can put them in small spaces that are hard to decorate, or you can layer them with other decor items.

Finished Cricut Wood Pumpkin Craft for your home.

How do you make a pumpkin out of wood?

You might be wondering, how do you cut a pumpkin out of wood? Unless you have the tools you need to make the actual wooden pumpkin needed for this project, I would recommend buying a block of wood that is already cut in the shape of a pumpkin, like this one, instead of making one yourself.

This will be much easier than learning how to cut out an actual pumpkin shape from wood.

It will also be much safer since using woodworking tools that you aren’t familiar with may result in injury. However, if you really want to learn how to cut a pumpkin out of wood, go here.

Can you use decorative pumpkins?

Pumpkins are one of the best types of fall decor for your home with because they really symbolize fall. Pumpkins get harvested during the fall which is why they are so popular.

The color of the pumpkins also matches the color of the changing leaves outside.

Make this cute Cricut Wood Pumpkin Craft.

Depending on the size of the wood pumpkin craft that you make, you can use these to decorate the small spaces in your home, shelves, a mantle, etc.

Use your wooden pumpkin craft with garland, pinecones, and other fall decorative items too.

What supplies do I need to make this wood pumpkin craft?

To make your Cricut wood pumpkin craft, you will need:

You will also need a couple of tools including your Cricut machine and some scissors.

Showing the finished Cricut Wood Pumpkin Craft.

Top Tips For Making This Wood Pumpkin Craft

Because you will be using supplies like mod podge and brown paint, there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind when you are making your Cricut wood pumpkin craft.

First, you should follow this tutorial while in your craft room or working at the kitchen table. This is so that you can keep any mess on a surface that is easy to clean.

This DIY project also requires drying time, so make sure your craft is in a safe place for your kids.

Lastly, make sure you paint the sides and top of the pumpkin as well. Especially if people will be able to see your craft from different angles.

Tips When Painting Your Stencil

Ideally, you want to have a distressed look with your finished pumpkin, so you won’t be painting like normal. Instead, use your foam brush to stipple your paint.

This means dabbing the brush instead of moving it back and forth like you would if you were painting a wall.

Other Fall Crafts You Might Enjoy

As you are decorating your home for fall, you might enjoy these other fall Cricut crafts too!

Finished Cricut Wood Pumpkin Craft for your home.
Yield: 1

Cricut Wood Pumpkin Craft

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

Learn how to make a Cricut Wood Pumpkin Craft step-by-step that you can use to decorate your home this fall season.



    1. Gather your supplies. Gather all the supplies you will need for your Cricut wood pumpkin craft.
    2. Add a thin layer of mod podge to the front surface of the pumpkin and allow it to dry completely.
    3. Using a 2-ply napkin, separate the backing only leaving the layer with the pattern for use.
    4. Lay the napkin layer on top of the wooden pumpkin with butcher paper as a barrier between the napkin and the iron. On a low-medium setting on the iron, gently reheat the mod podge for the napkin to adhere. Be sure to iron corner to corner to ensure no lifting
    5. After the napkin is completely stuck to the wooden pumpkin, use light to medium grit sandpaper in a downward motion and sand off the excess napkin.
    6. Measure and cut a rectangle strip from the leather sheet - sizing will depend on the pumpkin size (approx 4.5” x 1” for a 6” pumpkin).
    7. You can also cut your leather with the rotary wheel and a purple fabric mat using the fabric or flannel setting and more pressure.
    8. In Design Space, create a stencil using your choice of saying and font. Cut out as usual on permanent vinyl. The size of the lettering will need to fit on the previously cut leather. Be sure to take into account the width of the nails. Using the Cricut cutting mat, lay down your stencil vinyl to be cut in your Cricut cutting machine.
    9. Using the antiqued nails attach the leather strip to the wood pumpkin (find the center and location of choice).
    10. Use transfer tape to transfer stencil vinyl from the carrier sheet onto the leather. Then using a foam brush, stipple the paint to the leather through the stencil (do not paint as normal). Using a foam brush, stipple the paint to the leather through the stencil.
    11. Remove the stencil after the paint is completely hard and dried on the leather. Otherwise, if removed too soon paint will become rubbery on the leather and pull up.
    12. Once dry, remove the stencil and display it in your home! Remove the stencil after the paint is completely hard and dried on the leather.

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