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This 3D Framed Paper Art is a great craft for any kid to try in their free time. Crafting is such a great way to spend the day and this is specifically made to be easy and fun for kids!

Help your kids have a blast and create their own beautiful piece of art that can be put on display around the house. They will be so proud of their own work!

Framed Paper Art

framed paper art

This framed paper art is very easy and does not require as many supplies as you would think. In addition to the free template that you can download, you will need some other supplies as well.

This craft will help teach your kids how to follow directions accurately and efficiently. It will also help them work on patience as they wait for things such as the glue to dry.

Your child will have fun and learn a few things in the process of making their framed paper art. If they’re old enough, let them take control of this craft so they can really be proud of the work they did by themselves.

3d art with frame

While the directions tell you what colors to use for this craft, you can take a few liberties with the small things like that. Sometimes it is okay to stray from the directions a little.

You can use this framed paper art as an opportunity to help your kids with following directions. There are also times when they can make a few changes. They will have fun making it unique!

There are so many ways you can make this craft special and unique and it all has to do with your imagination! Help feed their creativity with fun crafts like this!

3d art in paper frame

Your child will have so much fun making the framed paper art and will be so happy with their work. Always encourage kids to embrace their creativity!

If your child likes this, they will love the Paper Dinosaur and Paper Tiger! If they really want to try something new on their own, they can also make the Easy Taco Pizza!

3d art with frame
Yield: 1

3D Framed Paper Art For Kids

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Help your kids have a blast and create their own beautiful framed paper art that can be put on display around the house. They will be so proud of their own work!


  • Colored craft paper
  • Craft glue
  • Craft foam sheets
  • Pencil


  • Scissors


  1. Select 3 different shades of green colored craft papers for the 3 layers and a blue craft paper for the background. Trace the layer patterns on the selected green craft papers. The background should remain plain.
  2. Cut out the middle part of the traced patterns from each green paper.
  3. Arrange the paper cutouts to check the pattern.
  4. Place the blue background paper on a flat surface.
  5. Cut out some thin strips of craft foams and stick them on 4 sides of the background paper.
  6. Apply glue along the upper surface of the foam strips (on the background paper) and then place the 2nd layer on it nicely.
  7. Continue to add a foam strip border before adding each layer. The foam border will lift up each layer and give the picture a 3d look.
  8. Trace and cut out the flowers and sun patterns. Glue the flower and sun parts to complete the crafts.
  9. Place the flowers on the bottom side of the 3d meadow patterns and place the sun on the top side of the art. Apply glue to attach the papercraft items with the 3d scene.

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